Here’s The Deal With Lead Paint

Once you’re approved for an apartment in NYC you’ll have to fill out quite a bit of a paperwork and amongst that pile of documents, there will usually be a notice you’ll have to sign about lead-based paint. For many, this might be your first time hearing about such an outdated paint but for those who have lived in older buildings frequently, it’s simply routine. So—is there a need to worry? Probably not. Lead-based paint is any paint that contained the highly toxic metal which occurs naturally in … [Read more...]

What Is An Industrial Loft?

Wade Brooks

Industrial lofts with their glorious space and stunning lighting have become the dream of apartment renters in big cities around the world. These repurposed live-work spaces were once the digs of artists seeking a cheap space to create and live in while not breaking their slim budgets. As they’ve gained popularity, prices have skyrocketed, introducing ‘luxury’ industrial lofts complete with hardwood floors, WiFi, and other 21st century amenities people come to expect from urban living. The term ‘loft’ … [Read more...]

Great Rent Stabilization Reads


Rent stabilization (and sometimes ‘rent controlled’) is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot when people start looking for apartments in NYC. Essentially, rent stabilization is a regulatory law created by the NYC DHCR that applies to buildings built before 1974 (and, rarely, also used by newly constructed rentals) that can sustain cheaper rents for the lessees. Curbed’s Jessica Dailey has written a great article that explores how to find these mystical rent stabilized apartments. It also discusses the stark … [Read more...]

2nd Avenue Subway: What It Means to the Market


The Upper East Side (UES), especially around the Yorkville neighborhood, has been a cornucopia of affordable apartments for thousands of New Yorkers throughout the years. Affordable apartments have peppered the area mostly due to a “subway desert” making the commute downtown for those living east of Lexington Avenue a headache. Especially for those living near Second Avenue or, even worse, First Avenue—the walk to stations on Lex can add considerable walking distance to get to the 4,5, & 6 lines—the … [Read more...]

Brooklyn: Is It Actually Cheaper? (or better?)

Brooklyn Street Walker - Leticia Roncero

There are Manhattanites and there are Brooklynites. Manhattan dwellers hate going to Brooklyn during the weekends (some claim to never go. Ever.) and Brooklynites are happy staying in their borough to brunch all the weekend long. Then there are those in-between: loyal to neither, happy to choose whichever is their cheaper option—even considering the Bronx or Queens as their new home. Before rapid gentrification, Brooklyn was indeed an affordable place to live. In 1983, a 2-bedroom apartment in Historic … [Read more...]

Roosevelt Island: NYC’s Hidden Gem

Roosevelt Island East Coast - Axel Drainville

A 2 mile-long, 800-foot-wide island can hardly be called “hidden.” Nevertheless, ask many Manhattanites what’s on Roosevelt Island and chances they haven’t a clue—some even claim to have never been there before (even lifelong NYC residents.) Which may not be entirely true—that is if they’ve ever taken the F line to Brooklyn (it makes a stop on Roosevelt Island.) Roosevelt Island is situated on the East River right between Manhattan and Brooklyn, running between about 45th and 85th streets. The island … [Read more...]

Fake Townhouse in Brooklyn ?

What does Brooklyn, London and Paris have in common ? Well lots of things I guess ...but also the very unique use of a 'fake front' on a building to hide parts of the subway system.  Bet you never would have guessed that! The next time you're in  Brooklyn (or London or Paris) - check them out. You can find the address in this link.  Happy hunting ! … [Read more...]

Moving in or around NYC ?

moving to nyc

Moving can be a pain - no doubt about it. A company called thinks they have a better option for NYC. Read this article and decide for yourself. Are they building the better mousetrap ?   … [Read more...]

NYC like you’ve never seen before

You've never seen New York like this ! Provided by an organization called AirPano -  galleries currently include over 70 locations throughout the world, and more than 20 are expected to be added in 2013. Grab a cup of coffee (you're going to be here for a few minutes) click this link - Make sure you go to the bottom of the article, click on full screen ...and Enjoy !  Don't forget to zoom in, zoom out and scroll around.   … [Read more...]

Changing face of Manhattan real estate

Lower Manhattan and other areas once dominated by industry and banking are finding new uses today. People and business' are moving into the one time financial institution and law firm dominated Lower East side. Lower rents, water views and short commutes are driving this move. Meanwhile, Midtown South and Lower Manhattan are seeing their biggest tenants coming from the education sector the Wall Street Journal reported.  Since 2005, the leasing footprint of the schools, universities and other educational services … [Read more...]