East Village

East village has long been celebrated as an American Bohemia. This New York hang-out is the birthplace of several American subcultures—from punk-rock to hip-hop to hipster. The area is unmatched in terms of its unique individuality that is endlessly lively and incredibly diverse which is why residents and visitors alike are so attracted. There is no shortage of great meals in this Manhattan community as there are a plethora of different cultures including; Japanese, Ukrainian and Bavarian, who have opened up diners serving-up delicious grub. This breeding ground of ethnicity and trends also boasts an unbelievable nightlife scene filled with energetic bars, exclusive clubs and charming coffee shops. With its peculiar charm East Village is a neighborhood that houses a fantastic array of enthusiastic and eclectic residents as well as infinite possibilities for opportunistic people.

East Village both preserves its local holdouts and is continuously updating and renovating new areas. Recently the East River Park was re-developed and now offers 57 acres of recreational space including tennis courts and a running track; a rare find in New York. Though the price tag of condominiums and co-ops has gone up, the area is slowly incorporating more modern condominiums into its skyline.