Overview:  Manhattan is the center of New York City, consisting of Manhattan Island and several small adjacent islands. It is home to many well-known museums, landmarks and attractions including Times Square, Central Park, Chinatown, Little Italy, Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, World Trade Center, the theater district (Broadway) and the Financial District (Wall Street). Roughly a fourth of Manhattan’s residents live in owner-occupied housing, with many apartments, condos, brownstones and co-ops available for rent.

The majority of residents use the widely available public transportation to venture around the city; however, drivers have easy access to highways, tunnels and the Staten Island Ferry. At 22.7 square miles, Manhattan is the smallest of the five New York City boroughs and is segmented into 3 areas: Uptown, Midtown and Downtown, with 5th Avenue as the divider between the east and west sides.

Uptown, also known as Upper Manhattan, is located above 59th Street. Real estate options include rentals, condos and co-ops. Its affluent and upscale neighborhoods include Upper West Side and Upper East Side, which flank the west and east sides of Central Park respectively.

Midtown Manhattan covers the area between Uptown and Downtown, reaching from 59th Street to 34th Street. Midtown is touristy and more reserved, housing the majority of the City’s hotels and one of the two main financial districts. Multi-apartment buildings are numerous, although some row houses and lofts can also be found. Midtown’s neighborhoods include Chelsea, Gramercy, Hell’s Kitchen (Clinton), Murray Hill, and the Garment District.

Downtown, or Lower Manhattan, is located south of Houston and 14th Streets.  Full of young, hip residents, this area has many restaurants and bars to explore. Downtown’s real estate options are diverse, with row houses, converted warehouses and industrial lofts, luxury townhouses and multi-apartment buildings. Neighborhoods include East Village, Greenwich Village, TriBeCa, and SoHo.

Schools: With New York City having the largest public school system in the United States, there are many excellent public schools available in Manhattan. Several charter school options are also available. Private and parochial schools also abound including the Upper West Side’s Collegiate School (male only), Trinity School (co-ed), the racially diverse co-ed Manhattan Country School (preK-8) and the culturally diverse United Nations International School. Female-only Upper East Side private schools include Brearley School, Spence School, Nightingale-Bamford School, Chapin School, Hewitt School and Convent of the Sacred Heart (Catholic). The Upper East Side’s Dalton School and Loyola School (Jesuit) are co-ed, with Browning School designated as male-only.